Terraillon, a historic brand looking to the future

In line with the founding avant-garde spirit of the brand, Terraillon designs and manufactures appliances that have exceeded consumer expectations in the areas of health and well-being for over sixty years. Today Terraillon creates smart and connected health-focused devices which have a real benefit on the healthy lifestyles of users, through the “Wellness Coach” mobile app for your smartphone. An integral part of our daily lives, the cutting-edge devices designed by Terraillon are not just for your physical activities, they also have a place in all the rooms of your house, from the kitchen to the bathroom. Always at your disposal, their unique know-how and design enliven all those moments when you take the time to enjoy looking after yourself or the ones you love.

The perfect partnership between technology and design

Designing appliances which take advantage of the latest technologies, offering more precision and comfort to the user, guaranteeing optimal quality of all our products – these are the motivations shared by all those who work with the Terraillon group. Our product ranges are enriched with new features day after day in order to stay ahead of consumer expectations and accompany them on their journey.

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